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Swipes Drive


Thanks to Swipe Out Hunger, students no longer have to watch the excess meal swipes they paid for go to waste; they can donate them instead. P and R meal plans both qualify!

Swipe donation is quick and easy. Throughout Week 10 of every quarter, Swipe Out Hunger team members go to various UCLA dining locations and encourage students with extra meal swipes to donate them. Students can check their meal plan balance on the UCLA Housing app and can donate all swipes that would be leftover after their finals via a Google Form.

Usually, Swipe Out Hunger collects over 15,000 swipes a quarter! We then convert those extra swipes into meal vouchers that students who do not have a meal plan, nor reliable access to food, can request. The meal vouchers can be redeemed at UCLA dining facilities.

COVID-19 Update: Swipe Drives continue to be held each quarter through the online form, which you can now fill out! Information about requesting meal vouchers from the Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) can be found here.

Winter Quarter 2020 Stats

31893 total swipes collected (record!)

1508 UCLA students donated

Last updated on June 23, 2021.