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Bruin Dine


Bruin Dine serves the dual function of reducing UCLA’s food waste and feeding the hungry, bridging the gap between food waste and food insecurity. The program began as a collaborative effort among Swipe Out Hunger, Bruin Shelter, and the Hunger Project in fall 2017. In fall 2019, Bruin Dine officially became its own organization after much hard work and advocacy by student leaders.

College is complicated. Having so many commitments and responsibilities can lead to students struggling to afford reliable and nutritious food. Compounding that is food's environmental footprint from leftovers commmonly discarded at dumps. I come from a line of Midwestern farmers, so I know food production is tough work and many hours of strenuous labor are needed. All of these problems came together with one solution: Bruin Dine.

Rosemary Wallace, Bruin Dine Co-Founder and Swipes '20 Alumna

Team members cooperate with UCLA Dining and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) to collect leftover food from all four UCLA dining halls — Covel, De Neve, BPlate, and Feast. Distribution occurs on a regular basis, most recently Wednesday and Thursday nights 9-11 PM in De Neve Plaza. However, the program seeks to expand operation to all weeknights in the future.

Like its parent organizations, Bruin Dine is heavily involved in awareness campaigns, fundraising, educational webinars, and building a strong network of student advocates.

Covid Update: Bruin Dine is temporarily on hold with plans to return fall 2021. In the meantime, Bruin Dine has released a comprehensive food security guide which you can find here!

Winter Quarter 2020 Stats

Served ~73 students weekly

Collected 130 lbs of food total

Distributed 88% of donations

Last updated on June 23, 2021.