The priority deadline for our fall 2022 application has passed... but we will still accept new members on a case-by-case basis. Apply here to shoot your shot.


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Take Part in Change

Swipe Out Hunger hosts two main events each quarter where any UCLA student can participate in combating food insecurity. Sandwiches for Smiles is a daylong PB&J-making extravaganza held in the quad, where Bruins can roll up their sleeves, put on gloves, and get to work while getting to know Swipes members. Swipes Drives, the initiative that gives our organization its name, takes place each night of Week 10 outside every dining hall. Any student with a meal plan (P or R) can donate the swipes that will be left over after their finals. Whether you just want to pick up some good karma or someday plan to join the club, you definitely have what it takes to get involved.

No upcoming events at the moment. Check back soon!

Last updated on September 20, 2022.