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Swipe Out Hunger

UCLA Food Insecurity Organization

Who We Are

Our UCLA team is the founding branch of the national Swipe Out Hunger organization. Swipe Out Hunger is dedicated to eliminating food insecurity on college campuses across the country.

At UCLA, we not only work to make sure every student has adequate access to nutritious food through the Swipes Drive and meal voucher program, but we also engage in a wide variety of other philanthropic efforts aimed at decreasing food insecurity and food waste in the greater LA community.

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Our Work

Swipes Drive

Donated meal swipes are turned into meal vouchers for students in need.

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Sandwiches for Smiles

Students make sandwiches with Swipe Out Hunger members.

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Bruin Dine

Extra dining hall food is collected and redistributed to people in need.

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Food Forward/Gleaning

Leftovers from farmer's markets are shared with the LA community.

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Alexandria House/PATH

Dinner is served, from ordering groceries to setting the table.

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Get Involved

Upcoming Events

Take action on student food insecurity at one of our upcoming events this quarter.

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Make a Donation

If you can, contribute toward providing meals to those in need through a donation.

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Join the Club

We welcome UCLA students from all types of backgrounds to be part of Swipes.

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Looking for information on meal vouchers, affordable food options, or anything else?

The pandemic has been difficult for many of us. To help out a bit, we've been working hard with our partners to compile resource guides addressing food security and basic needs. We are also currently releasing a series of posts aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of food insecurity.

See what we've gathered here and contact us with any additional questions.

Last updated on June 23, 2021.